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A Free Service helping you find the right private rehab clinic within Australia Our office is located in Sydney Northern Beaches we service all of Australia

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“Today in Australia there are 817+ rehabilitation providers we help you find the best clinic for your detox and recovery. Australian Drug & Alcohol Rehabiltation. Our office is located on the northern beaches Sydney.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing addiction to alcohol, prescription painkillers or other drugs, private rehabilitation or hospital withdrawal are an important part of the process to live a sober life. However, additional support is a vital part of your recovery journey for the best results. Australian Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation provides FREE support for people looking for an inpatient or outpatient rehab within Australia. We provide recommendations for Elite Rehabilitation centres within Australia and do not cover or provide recommendations for the public system. We are also a proud supporter of Psychology Northern Beaches.

Sydney Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation

There are many variations on types of treatment options offered by drug and alcohol clinics across Australia. With over 817+ choices we believe your first port of call should be to your local General Practitioner. Private detox and recovery centres are expensive and it is optimum to get your choice right the first time.

Sydney Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation

Contact Australian Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation services we will assist you in the descision making process of finding the right rehabilitation provider for your situation at absolutly no cost. We specialise in high quality private clinic recommendations. Our office is located on the northern beaches Sydney however we do online and phone consultations free to the public.

Sydney Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation

Third step we will provide you with three choices of drug & alcohol rehabilitation providers and clinics we believe will suite your needs in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our expert staff have worked in Australian Drug & Alcohol Rehabs and in some cases managed the institutes we know and recommend.

Sydney Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation

Once you or your loved one is in treatment we highly suggest your family or loved ones have the right support available. We will provide contact details of local experts that can help your circle mend and join your journey of a new life. We also make recommendations of inpatient and out patient programs.

Addictions are on the increase, all to often this suffering is felt by many people around the addict. Contact us and we will help link you to a local therapist who specialises in helping family members and friends who may be in this position. If it is an emergency please contact your local hospital or call 000. We work with a team of psychologists and therapists who all have extensive training and experience in drug & alcohol addiction, working in hospital and rehabilitation clinics around Australia and in Sydney. Recovery can be an amazing journey and we are here to support you. We can help YOU! Founded on the northern beaches.

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Australian Drug & Alcohol Rehabilatation provides free services dedicated to helping you find the best drug and alcohol rehabs available in Australia and Sydney for issues related to addictions. We have a tailored approach that takes into consideration your financial,work and family commitment. It is our mission to help reduce the impact of addictions on families across Australia. We are located on the Northern Beaches  we service Australia wide.