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Family Support

We understand the massive impact on families drug and alcohol addiction can have. While your loved one is starting a new life, it can be important to get your our own help to assist in healing the wounds. We believe in supporting families and trying wherever possible, to keep families together and unite everyone in the journey towards a new life.

Expert Therapists

We will provide you with contact details of a specialist in family therapy. Family therapy is a speciality not every mental health practitioner possesses. It is important that if your family has suffered they seek help, so they can heal and help support the change of their loved one.

  • Specialised training

  • Experience

  • Someone who genuinly cares

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Ongoing Continual Care

After you or your loved one finishes their program we will provide a list of drug & alcohol specialists closest to you.

In certain situations a after care program such as 12 step meetings might be recommended we will help you get in touch with your local support groups.

Relapse can be a part of recovery, should you or your partner relapse please contact us so we can help put together a plan of action and support you and your family.

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“Thank you for all the support, We are absolutly amazed at the level of care and professionalism”.

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