With Ice use being ever on the increase it is important to understand most users do not live a functional life, nore do they enjoy their addiction. Most addicts have a massive ammount of shame and try to hide their use as best as possible. For an addict to openly come out and ask for help can be a big step/ We believe they should be supported in every way possible. Addicts are not always bad people more often than not one the drug is taken away they are just regular people. Addiction can literaly affect anyone so what is the difference between recreational use an addiction. Many classify addiction as when something gets in the way of living a normal life.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is on the rise in Australia it is now extremely common to hear and see the affects of sex addiction in Australian families and culture. a sex addict is some one who’s sexual desires get in the way of the every day functioning life. While an addict is an addict many people affected by sex addiction are now struggling to forgive there partners. Sex addiction commonly turns into one partner looking outside there relationship to fullfill there urges.

We believe a sex addict needs support and help in finding a better way to live life. Sex addicts need help and help is only a phone call away. There behaviour comes in all forms including phone sex, escorts and many other varietis. Fetishes the partner is unaware of is extremely common. Like any addiction there is a high element of secracy and denial. Phone sex is massivly on the rise with website like girls of oz live adult chat becoming extremely popular.

One must understand the other persons behaviour and realise it is not personal however personal it feels it is not. Becoming selfless to help the person affected is not recommended either.

A great support network for all involved should be sourced and we recommend twelve step meeting. If in doubt give us a call anytime of the day we are here to help.